Career Planning

Using a flexible approach, we help you navigate the path to your future with career coaching services that holds you accountable to your professional development goals. You will learn essential skills for advancing within an organization and in your career. Presenting your abilities so that they attract an employer can be difficult, as employers want assurance that your abilities are aligned with the requirements of the job. We also help to optimize and align the experience you possess on your professional resume and coach on how to make a positive first impression in interviews. We help you design a career path that fits your personal values, interests, personality, and skills.

Leadership Development

We help you identify leadership development areas to become an effective leader. We aim at developing your team to create emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and transformational leadership skills that are sustainable on an individual and organizational level. We review your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; and provide a framework for constructive feedback, communication, motivation, and conflict resolution. Positive leadership qualities will empower you to be a proficient leader, and such qualities appropriately employed will enable members at all levels to work harmoniously towards the advancement of the organization.

Change Management

We coach you to develop skills for driving change within your team, department, and organization. It is critical to understand and learn how to apply an effective change management system that strengthens communication, goal-setting, problem identification, solution selection, and engagement. There are often disruptions in the process, including resistance to the change. Emergent change management entails cognizance of the nature of yourself and the organization on the ways in which different key players may shape the change process. We will coach and support you through the change management process, because it’s crucial to success.